Why Foundations Fail


Expansive soil Problems

Expansive Soils are the cause of many foundation problems and can lead to severe damage to your home if left untreated.

Clay rich soils, expansive soils can cause seasonal swelling and contracting due to natural climate conditions. A wet season can also cause swelling in the soils, lifting areas of a foundation where the weight of a home is lightest. The foundation then settles back during the dry season when the soils contract.

The uneven shifting in a home’s foundation can place severe structural stress from the cycle of expansive soils over time.

It is important for homeowners in areas with high clay content in the soil to look out for the warning signs of a failing foundation. A trained professional can provide a detailed assessment your foundation as well as plan of repair to avoid further damage.


Poor Water Drainage

There are a variety of reasons that concrete sinks or settles. Some of the most common reasons include concrete that was installed on improperly compacted soil, soil erosion due to environmental factors, and water penetration through the concrete joints. Regardless of the cause, sinking or tilting concrete can lead to severe slab issues, improper water runoff, and even trip hazards.



Information provided by CHANCE® Foundation Solutions